Jewellery Repairs

Thanks to our years of extensive experience we are able to offer basic repairs like soldering, ring sizing and stone replacements to completely re-modelling an heirloom.  All our jewellery repairs are handled and carried out professionally and usually within 7 to 10 days. If you can’t wait, you could always use our Fast-Track Service, which ensures your much-loved piece is back with you as soon as possible.


With our enviable list of expert suppliers and Goldsmiths, jewellery manufacturing is a service that is proving to be very popular, so if there is a piece of jewellery that you are struggling to find, we are confident that we will be able to manufacture it for you – just email us the details or drop in an image or sketch, we'll do the rest in realising your ideas to a final design, provding drawings, be they freehand or Computer aided.


We encourage all of our customers to call in to have their jewellery cleaned and checked on a regular basis, free of charge.  This service is key to the maintenance of your jewellery as we are able to inspect and identify any work that is required to keep your pieces safe and secure, looking its best for years to come.


We know that many pieces of jewellery can be well-loved over the years, so our Goldsmith has the experience and knowledge to completely restore your piece back to its original glory.  We can also advise on re-modelling jewellery that might be dated to your taste. Again, his work has proved very popular with customers who have inherited an heirloom and want to keep it for sentimental reasons but find it is not suited to their personal style. We are able to use the stones and precious metal to create a more contemporary piece, better suited to your needs.


Most pieces of white gold will eventually need to have the rhodium re-coated just through wear, in particular rings.  This is a straight forward process where we clean, polish and then rhodium plate your piece making it look just as good as the day you purchased it.


If you have broken your beloved necklace or bracelet, we can restring your pearls or beads quickly at great value, so you can wear your jewellery again! We also supply various replacement clasps and catches. We restring jewellery with or without knots depending on your choice. Knotting between each pearl will limit any damage caused by rubbing, and will also avoid the pearls from coming loose if the jewellery breaks again. We use secure and durable threads including silks, elastic, clear nylon and soft flexible wire.


Your treasured and precious Jewellery is of huge value to you, and here at WR Bullen we totally understand that, so you can rest assured whilst your item/s are with us they are kept safe at all times, always stored in our locked vaults either in-store or at our Goldsmiths secure workshop location. The movement of your treasured items are never left to the postal services, we always use specialised secure courier services if your valued piece has to leave our premises.